Questions and Answers:

Who is the author of the paper?

Flo Shepherd, German teacher of English

Why was the paper written?

It was written to obtain the admission to sit the Bavarian State Exam for future teachers of English in Germany. It might internationally be compared to an undergraduate thesis.

Is the internet version the one which you handed in at university?

Apart from the fact that a paper version was handed in, the original version also contained the texts of the ten Snyder poems analyzed which I excluded here for copyright reasons.

What grade did the paper achive?

The paper achieved the best possible grade out of six.

Are there any financial interests behind the publication of this paper?

None at all. I just could not stand the fact that after all the work I put into it, it was supposed to be read by only two people and afterwards rot in some subterranian  university archive while the information accumulated might be valuable for some people out there.

Can I submit comments / complaints / spotted mistakes etc?

Athough not necessary, I am always grateful for some sort of feedback.




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